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Islands/River Estuaries

Rivers and IslandsThe sea provides opportunities for sea fishing, aqua sports and sub-aqua diving. There are no reefs and the number of wrecks in the area could provide opportunities for sub-aqua archaeological expeditions.

The seacoast itself is interesting and varied from the mangrove swamps of the Sierra Leone river estuary, to the headlands and islands of the mountainous peninsular area and the lower coastal plains to the south.

This provides scope for boat excursions to some of the places or islands of interest, with greater visual interest than travelling by land. The islands range from Bunce Island in the Sierra Leone River estuary with its historic interest, to the rugged promontory of Banana Island rising to over 200m.

There are also a number of small islands such as York Island along the coastline and to the south, Plantain Island.


FishermanSierra Leone has some of the world’s best marine life. Come fight a barracuda! Deep-sea fishing is popular along with beach casting. Crayfish is a great favourite here. And if you don’t feel like going out and getting your own, pick your choice from one of the local fishermen or restaurant.





With more than 50 km of white sand beaches, Sierra Leone offers calm quiet waters to strong surfs. It’s your choice! Laze in the quiet waters of River No. 2 or surf the waves at Tokeh Beach. From Black Johnson to Bureh Town Beach the choices are endless. At Lakka Beach, there is the choice of the ocean or the pool! If you forget your sun tan lotion, pick some up at one of the grocery stores.

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